Level 3 Award in Education & Training

Level 3 Award in Education & Training

Level 3 Award in Education & Training

The Level 3 Award in Education & Training or AET permits the delegates to teach and train in the United Kingdom being well-recognised teachers or trainers holding the relevant license. The Award in Education qualification name was revised as the Level 3 Award in Education and Training, which was formally known as Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector or PTLSS.
This Training course has a goal to lay the foundation for creating highly effective and impactful teachers or trainers in a classroom setting by taking into consideration the experience of learners.

Course Content

The AET Training Course covers various dimensions to teach or train the individuals from the
basic principles to the advanced level of learning with the aim to boost their self-esteem to
perform well in this field. Mainly, the course entails various topics which are highly dynamic,
such as;
✔️ Learn all the inclusive approaches in teaching & training by understanding all the                roles,
      responsibilities, and relationships in education and training
✔️ Outlining all the responsibilities of being a teacher and training
✔️ Learning methods, Session planning, and Session delivery
✔️ Facilitate Learning and Development for individuals as well as groups
✔️ Assessment in Education and Training, along with all the Principles and Practices of

Training Schedule

The Level 3 Award in Education & Training Course completes in 3 days. Once the training
will complete, the written and assessment exam will be taken out.
In assessment, the trainee will be expected to 15 minutes of “Micro Tech” presentation. Then 3
written assessments are there, in which the trainees have to write 1K words for each one and
submit them as course work.

Eligibility Criteria

If you want to get enrolled in the Level 3 Award in Education & Training Course, you must
follow the given prerequisites.
    ● Your age must be 19+.
    ● You have completed the AET training course.
    ● You must have efficient skills in literacy and numeracy.
    ● You must have internet access with a PC to submit your coursework.
If you fulfill these requirements, you will be eligible for this training course.

Level 3 Award in Education & Training Cost

Since the Level 3 Award in Education & Training Course is a part of the AET Training
Course, so there will be no any extra charges except the AET Training cost in order to acquire
the training or this qualification. However, at times, the assessment cost is not included in the
AET course fee. So, in such matters, you have to pay the assessment fee as well.

Level 3 Award in Education & Training Renewal

Usually, once you complete this training course and get its license from the awarding body, it
remains valid for an indefinite time period. Moreover, the award holders consider further
development via make their existing teaching qualifications more extensive to achieve higher


    If you aspire to apply for teaching at the post-16 level of education, the said course will come in
    handy. As it’s assumed to be a minimum requirement and highly desirable for the relevant post.
    Moreover, it provides the learners with a thorough understanding to be a highly impactful and
    engaging teacher or trainer.

    The license for this course will be issued after the TWO weeks of the course completion from the
    awarding body.

    No, the AET Training Course is not a legal requirement. However, most employers and
    organizations prefer those individuals to hire who hold this course award. In this case, if you
    desire to teach at a higher post, this course is highly recommended. As this will add a positive
    impression on your CV and your employment.

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