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Popular SIA courses

Door Supervisor Course

The Door Supervisor Course is an SIA-approved course that is highly advantageous for anyone who aspires to be a door supervisor. Once you get the license, a wide room will be opened for you to work in pubs, bars, nightclubs, events, retails, and businesses by gaining a wide knowledge to recognize terrorism, threats, and disorderly behavior. Another plus point of this training course is that you can easily earn £2,500+ in just one month. 

CCTV Course

The CCTV Training Course is the front-line training course that is particularly designed for public space surveillance. It mainly consists of common security and industry knowledge with all the legal requirements. In order to obtain the license for this course, you are obliged to attend its two training modules and then, you have to pass their two exams. Being a license holder, you can work in local businesses, shopping malls, airports, etc., and earn ~£1600 /month. 

Door Supervisor Top Up

The SIA-approved Door Supervisor Top Up Training is a golden chance for anyone who has to renew their old license as a Door Supervisor on or after October 2022. For this, the trainees must have SIA licensing requirements without any restrictions of any particular regulatory authority that has approved them. However, it’s recommended to get your location-specific training. Once your license will renew, your average salary will definitely be revised.  

Fire Marshal Training

The Fire Marshal Training course immensely entails all the basic to advance roles of the nominated fire marshal. In this course, the trainees can learn about how to prevent fires, fire-extinguishing types, and their uses in a correct and eco-friendly manner. In a nutshell, you will be a designated fire marshall by learning all the safety measures for overseeing fire. After holding the license and can earn ~£2500 in a month. 

H&S in Construction (CSCS)

This is the all-in-one course to get a CSCS Green Card. One of the plus points is that it will be completed in just ONE day. However, it has been designed into various units that have to be gone through by all the trainees. Mainly, there’re risk management, health, and safety measures, and manual handling types, several topics which will be covered in the course. After its completion, individuals can earn ~£2500 /month.

Emergency First Aid Course

The Emergency First Aid Course is a SIA-approved course that is ideal for anyone who aspires to be an emergency first aider. Once you become a license holder, you can deal with all the first aid situations in mainly innocuous environments via learning all the basics to advance knowledge and skill sets, which are vital to have. You can earn an average monthly salary of about £2,150, being an emergency first aider. 

Level 3 in Education & Training

This course has all the necessary info and guidance to get you aware of the Level 3 Award in Education with the help of step-by-step training procedures. It mainly entails video clips, written explanations, and all the learner activities which can assist the trainee to become the best teacher with a successful teaching journey. The license-holder can earn ~£2400 in a month without any hassle. 

Conflict Management Training

If you aspire to overcome all the conflicts, manage, and resolve them, Conflict Management Training will come in handy for you. This course is genuinely equipped to get you excellent communication skills, tackle all the challenges with unique insight and strategic approaches, and boost your confidence. And thus, you can earn ~£3700 /month. 

Mental Health First Aid Course

The Mental Health First Aid Course is a well-recognized course that is specifically designed to let people figure out the mental illness with its signs and symptoms in order to provide first aid to the patients. Being a high-profile course, it is more worth knowing about the mental health challenges, stigmas, and inter-professional working. Once you get the license for this course, you can earn ~£2384 in a month.  

Health and Social Care Course

The Health and Social Care training course is also a high-profile course that’s fabricated to assist the trainees in acquiring well-profound knowledge to evaluate all the social care services along with health and welfare systems from various perspectives. Such overwhelming knowledge will let you deal with several mental health issues, domestic violence, and Public Health teams. And you can earn £1370+ per month.

Business Management Course

The Business Management Course enables individuals to work in a professional business atmosphere. The whole course is designed in a way to clear all the key concepts with a long array of management procedures that will assist the trainee in developing the knowledge for better performing as an individual or as a team. Once you become the license-holder of the course, you can easily earn up to £1950 /month. 

Higher Education Consultancy

The Higher Education Consultancy is a leading SIA-licensed course in which all the trainers are highly experienced in admissions as well as tutoring. Having extensive knowledge and a brilliant professional career, they assist the trainees to learn in the right direction about all the processes and standards of higher education in a comprehensive manner. Being a higher education consultant, you can monthly earn £2000+. 

GCSE Math & English

The SIA-licensed GCSE Math & English course is designed to provide the learners with a deep insight into learning key skills to prepare for taking on their GCSE studies. This course is well-equipped with all the key concepts of learning Math and English from Shakespeare to transactional writing. Solely based on the UK national curriculum, this GCSE course will be proved as a great initiative to monthly earn £2400.

Close Protection Course

This Close Protection Course is highly comprehensive and specially designed for security professionals or Bodyguards, who want to get their SIA Close Protection License. The course attendants will learn how they become skilled in personal security and work as a bodyguard  to keep people safe from any malicious attacks and ensure their well-being. After holding its license, £200-£400 can easily earn in a day. 

SIA Trainer Course

The SIA Trainer Course is particularly designed for anyone who aspires to be a trainer for SIA-compliant courses, whether door supervision or security guard training, conflict management or vehicle immobilization, CCTV course or First Aid training. Usually, in this one-week course, trainees will prepare for a new and exciting career of being trainers. After getting license of being an SIA trainer, £2450 can easily make in a month.

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