GCSE Math and English Course

GCSE Math and English Course

The GCSE Math and English Course is a particular teaching course that will assist the course attendants to gain full command over two major subjects – Math & English. If you are the person who wants to improve your skills in these areas, Steps Institution brings a great opportunity for all the aspirants who want to groom their professional career being an English or Maths teacher.
In this course, you can learn all the insights into these subjects from basic to advance levels. The learning goals will be continued from reading Shakespear to transactional writings, and all the key concepts of learning Maths studies according to the National Curriculum taught across the

Course Content

Since this GCSE Math and English is a broad spectrum course, which rigorously deals with a
wide range of topics, mainly it includes;

GCSE Math Learning

● Intro to GCSE Math Curriculum
● Algebraic Expressions
● Numbers
● Ratio & Proportion + Rates of Change
● Geometry & Measurements
● Probability
● Statistics
● Working Modes of Mathematics
● Revision Techniques

GCSE English Learning

      ● Intro to GCSE English Curriculum
      ● English Literature;
➔ 19th Century Novel
➔ Shakespeare Play
➔ Poetry
➔ Drama

       ● English Language;
➔ Non-Fiction & Transactional Writing
➔ Poetry, Prose, and Imaginative Writing
➔ Grammar & Vocabulary
➔ Spoken English Language
      ● All the Core Features of Literary & Linguistic Analysis
      ● Exam Essay Format and Techniques
      ● Exam Essay Construction
      ● Advance Writing & Communication Skills
      ● Revision Techniques

Eligibility Criteria

This GCSE Math and English Course can be prolonged approx 32 weeks. Once the learning period will come to end, the Final Test will be conducted separately for both subjects English and Math to assess and evaluate the learning attribute of what you have learned and how much absorbed the knowledge while this course.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria
In order to take this high-profile course, the attendees must;
➔ Have to be 16+ of age and have
➔ Have a legal right to work in the land of the United Kingdom.
➔ Have a Level 1 Functional Skills, a Grade 3(D) at GCSE, or                                   equivalent
➔ Have a reasonable level of literacy so that you can easily                               understand all the course

GCSE Math and English Course Cost

According to the UK Government, there will be no tuition fee required for GCSE Math and English Course, if the prospects are 19+ and have no previous record of GCSE grade A* – C or grade 4, or higher. So, if the individuals fulfill these requirements, they have no need to pay any


    GCSE stands for General Certificate of Secondary Education, and GCSE Math and English is
    particular for learning English and Math subjects to meet the criteria of having secondary

    This course will assist the learners in the progress of their educational and professional careers,
    especially in a university or within their chosen careers. This course will help them to develop
    excellent communication skills in writing and speaking English. Moreover, it will put a positive
    impact on their presentation skills as well.

    Once you complete this course, you can get high-quality interpretation and analysis skills and
    read a variety of challenging texts from the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries. It will lead you to
    develop your own transactional and creative writing skillsets.

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