Fire Marshal Training

The Fire Marshal Training course permits you to work as Fire Marshal Fire Warden in alegal way within the United Kingdom. It simply determines that now you’re a specialized and fully-trained fire marshal that can contribute to the whole fire safety in your workplace.

Fire Marshal Training
Being a Certified Fire Marshal, you will be responsible to identify the fire hazards in the workplace in order to minimize all the risk factors, along with giving the assurance of conducting evacuations, drills, and other emergency procedures conveniently.

Course Content

In order to become a well-recognised Fire Marshal, you have to take the complete training course that is crucial to work legally in the UK. Mainly, it comprises various topics which will be thoroughly discussed while training. Like, it includes;

➔ What are the roles of Fire Marshals
➔ How to Prevent Fires
➔ How to contact the Fire Brigade and Fire Service
➔ Fire Safety Legislation
➔ The Chemistry of Fire
➔ Fire Safety Precautions
➔ Typical day-to-day causes of Fire
➔ How to Perform a Roll Call
➔ Evacuation Procedures in case of a fire
➔ Fire Drills & Evacuation
➔ How to use Fire Extinguishers
➔ How to mark Exit Routes
➔ How to Break Glass
➔ Combustion Materials to watch out for
➔ What to look for in an Assembly Point
➔ What actions are required to perform on Discovering the Fire

These are the vital knacks that must be polished for being an experienced Door
Supervisor or a newbie.

Training Schedule

The Fire Marshal Training course is usually completed in between half a day to a full day. It
seems high worth as it has numerous topics to cover in a finite module. And after that, you have
to clear a multiple choice assessment exam to get this certificate.

Eligibility Criteria

If you aspire to be a license holder for work as a Fire Marshal or a Fire Warden, you must have
to fulfill the necessary requirements that are associated with it. As;
   ● Your age must be 16+
   ● You have a legal right to work in the United Kingdom
   ● You must have completed the half-day Fire Marshal Training
Once you take the course and complete your training, the workplace will be open for you.

Fire Marshal Certificate Cost

The Fire Marshal Certificate is a part of the Fire Marshal Training Course. This clearly
exhibits that there will be no any additional charges for getting a certificate along with the
training cost. The overall cost is the same as factored into the course fee.

Fire Marshal Certificate Renewal

The Fire Marshal Training Certificate is valid for THREE years. Because, in order to renew
your certificate, it’s inevitable to retake the course. Afterwards, you have to get a Fire Marshal
Training Course again. However, a shorter refresher course can also be a better option for you to


    The Fire Marshal Certificate issues when the relevant training has been completed. Thus, you
    become knowledgeable and skilled in working safely in the Fire Safety department, especially in
    emergency situations. Whether you are working as a Fire Marshal or Fire Warden, the certificate
    will add a good impact on your employability. Moreover, you will get a lawful way to move into
    your workplace.

    By the way, there is no as such any difference between a Fire Marshal and a Fire Warden in most
    business fields. But a clear distinction exists in high-risk environments, larger companies, or
    firms where a Fire Marshal is responsible to assess and minimize the fire risk. Whereas, a Fire
    Warden runs the emergency proceedings in a smooth manner, such as; evacuations, fire drills,

    A complete Fire Marshal course will make you eligible to; take legal responsibilities for fire
    safety, find the responsible person for fire safety in the workplace, analyse the main steps to take
    in a fire risk assessment, react to the people's behaviour on hearing fire sound, take the typical
    fire marshal responsibilities in the emergency situation, and highlight the common causes of fire
    in work buildings.

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