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Higher Education Consultancy

Higher Education Consultancy Training

The Higher Education Consultancy is an embark on shaping the individuals' dream career path to get the freedom to educate others in a well-reformed manner. Whether you want to work as a generalist or for a business of any size, become self-employed or specialise in a particular area, this course opens for all. At Steps Institution, we provide a well-equipped course for Higher Education Consultancy
training to delegates that will assist them in performing well in their journey of learning,
teaching, and assessment to develop the curriculum or work with the organisations, institutes,
and learners in order to identify and support their special needs and experience.

Course Content

In order to train the course attendees, there are several topics and aspects covered by our highly qualified trainers in this session. It includes;
    ● Planning and Organisation
    ● Budgeting
    ● Critical Thinking & Evaluation
    ● Highly strong Problem-Solving skills
    ● Data-driven Decision-Making skills
    ● Relationship & Crises Management
    ● Prioritization of Higher Education
    ● Next-level Interpersonal & Intrapersonal Skills
    ● Exceptional Written & Verbal Communication

Training Schedule

This training course can prolong about ONE Week, as it has various modules to train the
delegates to deliver the best outcomes in their professional careers.
Once the training completes, the attendees will be obliged to give the written exams along with the practical assessment in which their communication skills, presentation skills, and confidence levels will be assessed.

Eligibility Criteria

If you want to be a Higher Education Consultant, you must have to ponder on the given
   ● You must have crossed your teenage.
   ● You must have a right to work in the United Kingdom.
   ● You must hold a first degree or HND to be an education consultant.
   ● If you have a degree in Education or Psychology, that will be more advantageous for you
to pursue this course. 

Career Goals for a Higher Education Consultant

Once the prospects complete this Higher Education Consultancy training, they can choose a
variety of professional careers being a Higher Education Consultant, depending on their
particular educational backgrounds and expertise. Some major are described as below;

Working with Students & Families

A Higher Education Consultant works to identify and analyse the strengths and weaknesses of
students and devise suitable plans in order to help them to achieve their academic goals. Thus,
s/he will be responsible to;
   ✔️ Identify the schools aligned to their interests
   ✔️ Provide career guidance
   ✔️ Administer exams and their policies
   ✔️ Assis in the College Admission Process
   ✔️ Advise on Financial Aid
Thus, these responsibilities pave the way for the students to let their dreams come true.

Working with Schools & Universities

Besides students and families, Higher Education Consultancy training can help you to work
with schools and universities in order to achieve their strategic goals. You will be responsible to;
   ✔️ Maximize student outcomes
   ✔️ Manage various budgetary pressures
   ✔️ Advise upon other organizational issues
   ✔️ Recommend necessary improvements to the institutional programs and policies
   ✔️ Identify specific problems and design their custom solutions
These are quite enough roles for a Higher Education Consultant to play for the sake of
institutional growth.

Working with Private Companies

There is also a great opportunity to embark on the capabilities of being an educational consultant to work with private companies and organisations. For this, the key responsibilities can be developing the educational products, i.e.;
   ✔️ Textbooks
   ✔️ Educational Technologies
   ✔️ Tools & Equipment to use in schools
Thus, being an educational consultant, you can boost a business as well as your own professional career.


    An educational consultant is a professional who assists parents and students with college and
    financial aid planning. Such professionals are highly skilled in guiding students to find the best
    colleges where they have more chances to be successful and achieve their academic goals.

    A Higher Education Consultant will prove to be a fruitful body for an institution whose pieces of
    advice work on student success, enrollment management, diversity & inclusion, campus
    planning, strategic approaches in the favor of the institution, and various other leadership roles.

    In the United Kingdom, the average starting salaries for a Higher Education Consultant lies
    between £19K to £25K per annum. On the other hand, experienced educators can earn between
    £25K to £40K annually. That’s much enough than other professionals.

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