Conflict Management Training

Conflict Management Training

Conflict Management Training

The Conflict Management Training Course is a highly specialized course for all those individuals who aspire to manage any sort of conflict and issues that happen in a customer, security, or service industry, in a well-manageable manner. The delegates will be trained to recognise the actual contributing factors, signs, and causes of conflict and issues. Moreover, they will be able to know how is it possible to diminish conflict
situations without any physical intervention.
Once a person is trained in conflict management, he can play a pivotal role in the workplace and shared units in order to recongnise the overall circumstances as having an ideal foundation qualification in managing conflict.

Course Content

In the Conflict Management Training, the trainees will go through a wide knowledge of minimizing risks, managing conflict, and stopping violence by covering several topics, which include;

➔ How to communicate with others to solve problems and reduce       the conflict probability
➔ How to handle aggression effectively
➔ How to assess and reduce risks in conflict situations
➔ How to communicate effectively and de-escalate conflict in               emotive situations
➔ The factors responsible to influence human responses in conflict       situations
➔ Know good practices to follow after conflict situations

Training Schedule

This is a ONE-day training course. As the training completes, an exam of MCQ form will be conducted, which has to score with min 75%.

Eligibility Criteria

By the way, this Conflict Management Training is for anyone who works with members of the
public, who may find themselves in potential conflict situations.

However, if you wish to get this training course, you have to follow the entry requirements,
which are;
     ● Your minimum age is 16 years and more
     ● You must have a legal right to work in the United Kingdom
     ● You must be efficient in the English Language in understanding, speaking, and
undertaking the recommended assessment methods for this qualification

The Course Attendees can be;

The Course Attendees can be;

Anyone can take the Conflict Management Training, who is;
➢ Interested to learn about conflict handling and avoiding via proven communication tactics
and strategies.
➢ A leader or a manager who aspires to minimize conflict among his team, employees, and
departments with a high-creativity setting.
➢ A business owner, HR manager, or any relevant field expert who has a desire to execute
conflict resolution policies, processes, and training for his workers.


    The main objectives of this course entail;
    ● How to identify various conflict forms and why they happen
    ● If any conflict occurs then how to effectively deal with it
    ● What’s the significance of mediation
    ● What are the major steps involved in the mediation that lead to success
    ● How to apply mediation to manage conflict and disputes in the workplace

    After completing this training course, the prospects will learn a wide range of knowledge
    regarding conflict management. They will be able to recognize the basic reasons for occurring
    disputes and how healthy relationships can build among parties. How to develop strategies for
    dealing with conflict and have some ideas about resolving all the difficulties by using emotional

    There are several career opportunities with a Conflict Management course open for the delegates.
    Such as; Executive, Manager, Controller, Team Leader, Assistant Manager, etc. Moreover, the

    prospects can earn up to £45K /annum by being a Conflict Analyst, Conflict Manager, or
    Conflict Resolution.

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