Mental Health First Aid Course

Mental Health First Aid Course

Mental Health First Aid Course

The SIA-approved Mental Health First Aid Course is a leading training course that’s
particularly designed to promote awareness and train individuals to know how they can identify the signs and symptoms of mental illness, tackle the mental stigma in persons, and then assist them by providing first aid.
This particular MHFA course is overwhelmed with the quality of knowledge and instructions to
deal with the mental health conditions of the sufferer. Steps Institution has highly experienced
trainers and mental health first aid coaches who have years of expertise in preparing individuals who can confidently cope with any mental illness in their surroundings.

Course Content

In this training course, the delegates will acquire a great opportunity to learn about a variety of things about handling mentally disabled persons by providing first aid. Such as;
    ● Introduction to taking care of your own mental health
    ● Practical skills in MHFA Action Plans
    ● Refresh knowledge of MHFA and its influence
    ● Self-care, wellbeing, and recovery
    ● Basic Knowledge of some common Mental Health illnesses and factors;
    ➔ Epilepsy
    ➔ Fainting
    ➔ Psychosis
    ➔ Seizures
    ➔ Schizophrenia
    ➔ Shock
    ➔ Stroke
    ➔ And Bipolar disorder
    ● Stress management and spotting the signs of distress
    ● How to challenge Stigma, Depression & Suicidal crises
    ● How to cope with Anxiety, personality disorders, eating disorders and self-harm

Training Schedule

This Mental Health First Aid Course is a TWO-day training session which will be delivered by
quality assured instructors. And the course attendants will be assessed in two steps.
They have to give continuous assessments while their course, where their class participation will be judged. In addition, written exams will also be taken out at the end of this course.

Eligibility Criteria

If you aspire to get this Mental Health First Aid Course, you have to make sure to fulfill the
given requirements;
    ● Your age must be 16 or above.
    ● You must have a legal right to work in the United Kingdom.
    ● You must be relevant to the general population.
Moreover, there are no as such more restrictions to owning this course, however, it will be best
suited for all levels of organisations, line managers, or anyone who has the responsibility to
manage a team.


    This two-day training course is overwhelmed with a lot of practical skills that you can use every
    day in order to deal with mental health issues more confidently and in a stress-free process.
    Moreover, the certificate awarded by this course will add a great impact on your employment as
    there’s always a door that remains open for the trained mental health first aider. So, this course
    will be proved as a plus point to your CV.

    This course might be a legal requirement in order to hire mental health first aiders to any
    workplace. However, various factors are contributed alongside. It depends on the employer or
    hiring authority. Besides, it mainly entails the risk assessment and size of the workforce. But
    according to the First Aid Regulations of 1981, it’s the sole responsibility of the employers to
    provide enough first aid support to the injured, unwell, or mentally disturbed staff. Thus, it’s a
    basic requirement to have well-trained mental health first aiders along with the necessary
    equipment to treat the sufferers.

    Once the individuals get trained in this Mental Health First Aid course, they will be well-
    prepared to handle any sort of mental health issues happening around them. They can easily
    interact with someone in distress or experiencing any mental illness. Moreover, they can
    challenge all the major mental conditions from anxiety and depression to stigma and stroke with

    confidence. In short, they will get a thorough understanding to learn to stand in the first queue
    among the most skilled and trained mental health first aider.

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