Door Supervisor Training

The SIA Door Supervisor license permits all aspiring individuals to work for Door Supervision.

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A Door Supervisor Training license lets you do a job as a door supervisor in order to protect people inside premises by screening those wanting to enter. Whether you are working as a Door Supervisor or aspire to be, this Door Supervisor Training will grant you a legit way to work for door supervision to the right level. 

Door Supervisor Training

To do something great, you must own something great! As you aspire to be a license-holder door
supervisor, this training course will work more in this regard. All the trainers are highly-efficient
in training all the individuals to learn and go through the basic to advance levels of Door
Supervisor Training.
Since Door Supervision is not a simple job. More responsibilities are associated with it. So, it’s
vital to hold over all the latest skillsets in order to protect the public, property along yourself as
well. As you become a license-holder of this training course, you can hone your skills while
keeping people safe against unknown risks as they emerge.

Course Content

In the whole training session, the trainees will cover a wide range of skills that are essential to
being an expert Door Supervisor. Mainly, it includes:

● How to work in the Private Security Industry, cover all

➔ The legal aspects
➔ Health & Safety Operations
➔ Fire Safety Awareness
➔ Emergency Procedures
➔ Communications Skills
➔ Customer Care

● How to work as a Door Supervisor, i.e;

➔ Civil & Criminal Law Operatives
➔ Recording Incidents and Crime Scene Preservation
➔ Behavioral Standards
➔ Emergency Procedures
➔ Drugs Awareness
➔ Searching & Arrest

● Conflict Management Skills

➔ Defusing Conflicts
➔ Resolving & Learning from Conflicts
➔ Avoiding Conflict & Reducing Personal Risk
➔ Application of Communication Skills & Conflict Management

● Physical Intervention Skills

➔ Complete intro of Physical Intervention
➔ Get to know about Legislation

These are the vital knacks that must be polished for being an experienced Door
Supervisor or a newbie.

Training Schedule

To get one of the qualifications linked to the Door Supervisor Training license, you will need
to bound your 44 hours, in which you have to;
    ● Attend 6-day training
    ● Learn 4 modules
    ● Pass 4 significantly set exams
Awarding organizations offer these qualifications and monitor training providers to ensure
whether their courses meet the SIA requirements or not.

Eligibility Criteria

The SIA Door Supervisor Training License is inevitably important to legally work as a Door
Supervisor in the United Kingdom. If you aspire to be a Door Supervisor, you must fulfill the
requirements to be eligible for getting this license.

➔ You must be 18+ of age.
➔ You have a legal right to work on the land of the United Kingdom.
➔ You must have achieved the qualification less than Three years prior to your application.
➔ You must have to pass the SIA-conducted identity and criminal background checks.

Entry Requirements for Security Courses

Learners should have minimum language skills equivalent to B1 level or an ESOL qualification
at Level 1. We are also running English language (ESOL A1-B1) courses.

License Renewals & Training

➔ You do not need extra training to renew your license if you have a Door Supervisor
qualification that was issued after September 2010 and labeled as a Level 2 Award in
Door Supervision.

➔ If you have an older qualification that was awarded between July and September and
does not include physical intervention, then you have to take extra training.
➔ If you get the extra training, you must also pass the Upskilling award for Door
Supervisors. Afterward, your license will move to renewal.

Integration License of Door Supervisor Training

SIA allows some of the licenses to be used for more than one criterion. For instance, if a person
has a Close Protection License, then SIA permits him to use his license for working as a Door
Supervisor as well. In addition to it, a Door Supervisor license can be used for the Security
Guard license and Key Holders.
Thus, one SIA license can also be used for related licensable activities. And this license
integration is more common now since the SIA has approved this policy.


    Regardless of being a newbie or an existing and experienced door supervisor, SIA training adds
    several plus points to their work. One can easily renew his old SIA license by getting Door
    Supervisor Training. Moreover, the fresher can learn broad-spectrum knowledge and skills to
    hone the whole situation. And anyway, now this is a legal requirement to have a Door
    Supervisor Training license if you have to work in the security industry.

    A door supervisor and a security guard are two sides of the same coin, along with similar
    functions but varying levels of power and responsibilities. The door supervisor is bound to
    ensure the safety and security of all visitors and customers on the premises. However, a security
    guard has to ensure the physical presence, patrolling, or provide public surveillance. Besides, a
    license holder door supervisor can operate as a security guard but a security guard cannot.

    This SIA training course takes place over SIX days. The overall course duration consists of 44
    hours, comprising 4 different modules. Once you complete the training, your training instructor
    will assess your skills with 4 extreme MCQ-type exams along with practical exercises.

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