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SIA Trainer Course

SIA Trainer Course

The SIA Trainer Course is particularly designed for anyone who aspires to train individuals for
SIA license courses in the United Kingdom. This is a high-profile course that is approved by SIA
Home Office. Since this course is a dream course for those individuals to wish to become
trainers, once they get it, they will be able to get training for SIA-compliant courses, i.e.;
       ➔ Door Supervisor Course
       ➔ Security Guard Course
       ➔ Conflict Management Course
       ➔ Close Protection Course
       ➔ CCTV (Public Space Surveillance) Training
       ➔ Level 3 Award in Education & Training
       ➔ And various other SIA-approved licenses
Thus, you can boost your career by being a trainer of the UK’s highly recommended licenses to let others live happily by earning handsomely.

Course Content

In this SIA Trainer Course, the delegates will learn a broad spectrum of knowledge to train
people about major leading SIA license courses. Various topics will be covered in this course,
mainly it includes;
   ➢ Introduction to Adult Learning
   ➢ Lesson Planning
   ➢ Delivering a Lesson
   ➢ Teaching Adults
   ➢ Practical Teaching Sessions
   ➢ Assessing how well pupils are learning
   ➢ How to vary teaching techniques
   ➢ How to recognise and deal with potential problems
   ➢ Analyse Teaching Equipment & Aids
   ➢ Conflict Management
   ➢ Physical Intervention (PI) Techniques
When all the aspects and dimensions of training are completed, a trainer can perform well in
teaching. This is the motto of Steps Institution to deliver the BEST.

Training Schedule

The training for this course will be completed in ONE WEEK. As it consists of a wide range of
units and topics which are inevitable to cover within the course to become a professional trainer.

Eligibility Criteria

There is no any particular requirement for the trainees to get enrolled in this course, except
having a passion to become a trainer to train the individuals for SIA compliance courses.

Assessment Modules

Overall, there is no formal exam has to conduct for this course completion. However, a portfolio has to submit at the end of the course along with some practical and written assessments.

The course assessment varies from field to field and course to course. Such as, you have to show min 2 scenario-based roles in the class for Conflict Management Course and submit the portfolio which will be assessed. In the same way, you have to demonstrate the PI techniques for Physical Intervention Trainers in
the Private Security Industry Course, which will be recorded with your portfolio, and all of them
will be assessed. Thus, for other particular courses, you have to move in the same way.

SIA Trainer Course Cost

Since the SIA Trainer Course is a broad spectrum course that covers various course training, its overall cost is £1250. Well! This course has a great potential to multiply this amount into high
figures. In other words, this course has the best ROI option for your professional career.


    This course is for anyone who wants to train others in order to acquire SIA licenses in various
    sectors, mainly in the security industry.

    There is a minimum of 7 days are required to complete this training course. However, it can be
    exceeded for two weeks as well, if the course attendants won’t manage the schedule of one week.

    Although, there are no any specific prerequisites here to be an instructor. However, it will be
    pretty much better if you are 20+ and have the stamina to train others to perform well in their
    professional careers.

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