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Security Guard Training License

Security Guard Training

The SIA Security Guard Training license is particular for all those individuals who have to legally work in the United Kingdom being a security guard. Having this license will let anyone exhibit the role of the security guard in the private security industry.
Once you become a license-holder, your job as a security guard will be in malls, shopping centers, office buildings, and various other areas. You will be responsible to keep the public safe from any sort of harm. Moreover, you have to guard the personal property of public members in order to prevent theft, damage, or any detrimental effects.

Course Content

If you want to be an SIA license holder for a Security Guard, it’s important to get complete
training in this regard. It’s not just beneficial for the trainees; rather, it’s a formal requirement
according to SIA. Here, at Steps Institution, the course attendants will learn;
    ● How to work in the Private Security Industry
    ● What are the core responsibilities of a Security Guard
    ● How to perform duties being a Security Guard
    ● How to manage all the conflicts

Training Schedule

Security Guard Training usually consists of 3 days training module, in which the above-mentioned topics will be covered, and afterward, THREE exams will be conducted in MCQs
format. These exams will basically test your knowledge of what you will have learned while the course training.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to get the license for working as a Security Guard, you must fulfill the given requirements;
    ● You have to be 18+ of age
    ● You have a legal right to work in the United Kingdom
    ● You have to pass the Security Guard Training Course from a well-recognised institution And for this, Steps Institution is a highly encouraging and well-reputed institution in the UK that

has been training individuals for various public and private sector working licenses including the security guard.

SIA License Renewal for Security Guard

The Security Guard Training license is issued by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) and is valid for approx 3 years. After that, the working individuals have to renew their licenses. For license renewal, you have no need to take fresh training again. Once you got completed training and your license, then about 4 months before expiring the license, you can start to
renew it. However, the new license will get going when the current license has expired.

Security Guard Integration License

There is a highly-encouraging methodology of SIA, which permits the individuals to also use their licenses for related activities sanctioned with the license. Like, if a person holds a Security Guard Training license, he can also work as a Door Supervisor.

In the same way, if a person holds a Door Supervisor Training license, he can also work as an SIA Close Protection professional. Such integration of license assists the license-holders to broaden their work experiences as per their interest and stamina.


    If you are performing security guard-related different licensable activities, i.e; theft prevention,
    property, and patrolling areas protection, or more, then you need to hold an SIA license to work
    legally as a Security Guard.

    There are strict rules and regulations to work in the United Kingdom as in other regions of the
    world. If you aspire to work in the security industry, you must hold a license, otherwise, you will
    be considered as illegal. And might be possible, that any legal action can be taken against you.
    So, follow the legal ways in such matters.

    Yes, this course requires the First Aid qualification before its starts. Because, a security guard
    has to protect the public from all external harms, so, an Emergency First Aid certificate will pave
    the way to perform well in the security industry.

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