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This SIA Door Supervisor Top Up license is particular for all those Door Supervisors who are
already working as door supervisors and have to renew their license.

Door Supervisor Top Up Training

Now, this is mandatory to have training for upgrading the license to meet the current SIA’s qualification. So, if you have
work experience in the security industry, this training is for you.

Course Content

This Door Supervisor Top Up course will be completed within 2-Days. In the whole training
session, the trainees will cover a wide range of skills that are essential to being an expert Door
Supervisor. Mainly, it includes;

● Recognition Terrorism Skills
● Effective Crowd Control Techniques
● Conflict Management Skills
● Physical Intervention Skills
● Emergency First Aid Qualifications

These are the vital knacks that must be polished for being an experienced Door

Eligibility Criteria

The SIA Top-Up Door Supervisor Training Course is for all those individuals who are
currently working as Door Supervisor. SIA-endorsed qualifications are valid for SIA licensing
requirements regardless of which UK qualifications regulatory authority approved them.
However, we recommend that you undertake additional, location-specific training if you will be working in a region, not by your training.

Public Space Surveillance (CCTV) Operations

There are different operational procedures in CCTV Training, which include;

➢ Introduction to the Roles and Responsibilities of the CCTV Operator and other CCTV
➢ Codes of Practice, Operational Procedures, and Guidelines
➢ CCTV Equipment and its Operation
➢ Legislation
➢ Dealing with Incidents
➢ CCTV Surveillance Techniques
➢ Emergency Procedures in the CCTV Control Room
➢ Health and Safety at Work in the CCTV Control Room

Older Qualifications

We will accept some older qualifications in support of a license application so long as the
following conditions are met:

➔ If you have previously held a Door Supervisor license – it has been less than three years
     since your previous license was active.
➔ If your qualification was awarded before October 2022, you must also achieve the ‘Level
     2 Top-Up a Door Supervisor Working within the Private Security Industry’ award before
     you can apply for a license.

Entry Requirements for Security Courses

Learners should have minimum language skills equivalent to B1 level or an ESOL qualification
at Level 1. We are also running English language (ESOL A1-B1) courses.

License Renewals & Training

You do not need to take refresher training to renew your license if you have a Door
Supervisor qualification that was issued after April 2022 and includes physical
intervention skills and First Aid training.
If you have an older qualification that does not include physical intervention then you
must achieve the ‘Level 2 Top-Up a Door Supervisor and First Aid Certificate before you
can renew your door supervisor license.

First Aid Requirement for Door Supervisor Top Up Training

A Door Supervisor does not only work for the protection of people via screening inside premises. Rather, he has to be alert to treat injuries, falls, or other more serious conditions. In order to deal with such circumstances, getting First Aid training is vital for door supervisors as well.
In short, if you have to renew your Door Supervisor license, you have to own a valid Emergency
First Aid qualification. And if you have not, book your package to get the First Aid training
along with the said course.


    This course will let to renew the license of a door supervisor who is already working in this field.
    Moreover, having a renewed SIA license will be very helpful to upgrade the door supervisor

    This is only a 2-day training session, in which three modules are included; recognition of
    terrorism, physical intervention, and crowd control techniques.

    Having a license for this course has now become a legal requirement to work in the security
    industry. So, if anyone is working as a door supervisor, he has to take this course and upgrade
    the license.

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