SIA Close Protection Course

Close Protection Course

The Close Protection Course is no less than a green signal for all those security professionals who are seeking the SIA Close Protection License. These professionals are well-known as Bodyguards. Once they become SIA license-holder, they can earn a huge amount on a daily basis
just by protecting celebrities, VIPs, or high net-worth individuals, being a bodyguard. Moreover,
you must have a great command to cope with high-pressure situations and threats assaulting
during your job.

Course Content

Generally, there is a prime requirement to own a Level 3 Certificate to work in the Private
Security Industry, being a Close Protection Operative. For this, at Steps Institution, different key
topics are covered in the SIA Close Protection Course. Like;
    ● How to work in the Private Security Industry
    ● How to work as a Close Protection Operative
    ● How to manage the conflicts
    ● How to assess threats and risks
    ● How to manage incidents
    ● Legislation relevant to the role
    ● Operational Planning & Surveillance
Besides, there are also some other training courses available for getting the said license. And in
those courses, various other topics will be covered. Like;
  ● Convoy or Evasive Driving
  ● Intro of Short Firearms
  ● Close Combat Training
  ● Anti Ambush Training (embus & debus)

Training Schedule

There are about 16-18 days of training that consists of 194 hours as minimum contact time (MCT) stipulated by SIA.
After completing the training, the course attendants have to pass 3 multiple choice questions
exams along with the practical assessment.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to get enrolled in this training course and get the SIA license for it, you must have;
     ● 18 years of age or above
     ● A legal right to work in the United Kingdom
     ● Pass the identity and criminal check
     ● Emergency First Aid Certificate
Before moving for this course, check them out, whether you are eligible or not.

SIA Close Protection License Cost

The SIA Close Protection License lasts for 5 years and costs a non-refundable fee of £210. Here, at Steps Institution, the SIA Close Protection license course lasts for 3 years, and its cost may vary with the different conditions applied to that. Generally, its fee is £190, which is a non-refundable fee. However, if you currently hold an SIA license, a 50% discount you will get on your existing application for the second license.
Moreover, if you pay for your own license, you have a right to claim tax relief of ~£44.

SIA Close Protection License Renewal

If you feel that you have to renew your license, you must go to the SIA website and re-apply for
your license. The good side is that you have no need to take fresh training again for the license renewal. You may start your license renewal process just before 4 months of expiring your current license.
But your new license will get going when the current license has expired

SIA Close Protection License Integration

In certain cases, the Security Industry Association (SIA) permits its license-holders to use their one license for other related licensable activities as well, if they meet the criteria for that license.
For instance, if you hold the SIA Close Protection License, you can also use it for being a Door Supervisor or Security Guard.


    For this, you have to pass the Level 3 Close Protection Course. Then pay £210 to apply for the
    licesne. After applying for the license, you have to clear the identity checks and SIA complete
    criminal checks. After passnig out all of these proceedings, your license will be posted to you.

    When you get the SIA Close Protection license, there are different jobs you can pursue easily.
    Whether you work as a Close Protection Officer or as a bodyguard. Your major work is to
    provide security and protection to the celebrities VIPS, popular businessmen, and such important
    individuals. While your duties as a bodyguard, you must have great stamina to assault threats,
    minimize the risks, tackle all the high-pressure situations, and all other roles in the security

    Since a license is assumed as a key to working in a lawful manner. If you go against it, that will
    come into the account of a criminal offence on both your part and your employer to work in the
    private security industry. Because you are working without an SIA license. So, make sure to
    have your license. Otherwise, any legal action can be taken against you and your employer.
    However, your employee has the necessary exemptions under Section 4(4) of the Private
    Industry Act 2001.

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